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Hi JoeAZ, you are correct! Guess I didn't explain very well. Let me start over. The Quanah tower has the two ABC stations one is frequency 11 from Grandfield translated from Quanah on frequency 31, k31hc display channel 7 phisical channel 31. Same with display 18 from the Grandfield tower phisical channel 15, that same display channel 18 has the same KJTL, is phisical 31 from translator in Altus, and 20 in Hollis. All three of those show up on the TIVO after a channel scan. I can check mark any or all three. I've been selecting 31 because it has the strongest signal according to TIVO. I have selected the other and KJTL is usually good on all. When channel surfing I don't want to have three 18-1 KJTL in the guide.
Now back to channel 7 ABC! The one in Lawton is ABC KSWO display 7 phisical channel 11. That same KSWO in Quanah​ is display 7 phisical 31. I'm guessing if I rotate my top antenna toward Quanah I'll be able to get display 7 kswo phisical 31 plus display 7 KVII phisical 39. If I select both, surfing would look, 6-1, CBS, 7-1, ABC, KSWO, 7-1, ABC, KVII, 9-1, CBS. That would be the display channels, and I skipped all four sub channels. I haven't tried to see if they are possible. My plan is to turn the pole so the top antenna that is currently pointed at Hollis toward Quanah. Make test run. Check for picture quality, then do the same with the bottom one. If I can get a quality picture for KSWO and KAUZ on either one then I'm going lock in at 225 for Quanah and 296 for Hollis. Been getting some thunderstorms moving through. I need rain but it has missed me. Keeps going around me. I'm the hole in the doughnut. Thanks!
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