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Question What Kills Preamps?

So, been enjoying OtA viewing for six years now.
To all, especially GroundURMast, thanks for the information.

Now ... per members here, I bought the RCA TVPREAMP1Z,
which worked well for a number of years. Then it died.

So I bought another. Then it died too. The second lasted
maybe two years. That seems to be the record – four years.

Last week I bought the Winegard Boost XT for about twice
the price of the RCA. Similar specs; slightly weaker. We'll
see how this goes.

Now, I grounded the mast AND cable when I originally put
the antenna up ( TV connector ). The setup is the same.
Aside from the elements and cheapness, what tends to
kill these things and what to do about it?

In the case of the Winegard, I siliconed the rim of the
cover in the hopes this would protect the circuitry. I
realize some will say this won't help, as heat won't
readily escape. I figgered doing this would help
save me another trip to the roof, which I loathe.


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