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Before investing in any new equipment I'd try removing the antenna from it's current location on the electrical stack, connecting it to a new length of coax directly through a window to one TV, and trying it at numerous locations on the roof, aimed at about 107 degrees using a real compass. Attempt to find a place where you have LOS towards 107 degrees. Do a double scan of channels each time and record what you get and the signal quality. In addition, I'd even try hanging it off the side of the house.

If nothing works, you might try a different antenna. The link you mentioned shows it has a gain of 6 dB (but it does not break it down into VHF and UHF). An antenna like the DB8e can have a gain up to 17 dB. But the experts can comment on the best antenna for your application should you not be able to 'see' through the trees.
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