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I am using a Freevision Outdoor HDTV Antenna ( on my roof about 15-20 feet from the ground and a lot of times my picture pixelates and freezes. This seems to happen most often right before or during rainy/stormy weather, but has occurred when there is no bad weather, too. I'm not sure if it is actually the antenna causing the problem or if it is maybe the direction of the antenna. I have it facing Northeast right now. The other factor which may be causing a problem is my neighbor's tree which is about 10 feet in front of the antenna since it has grown over to my side of the yard. Has anyone else used this antenna (it had pretty good reviews)? Is my direction off? Here is my tvfool link: Or is the tree the bad reception issue? Any advice will be greatly appreciated as this is driving me crazy! Thanks!
Most of the stations in your area are to the southeast.
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