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To me it looks like a knock-off of the Winegard HD-7010.
That's one of the antennas I use. Thanks to Tower Guy, I finally have gain specs I've been looking for too!

Indeed I have a hard time finding gain numbers on most of the RCA antennas.
Emails to the Voxx people remain unanswered.
I've had the same "responses" from Voxx too. I finally found specs for my RCA 751R on same site for the Winegard HD7000R. Same antenna with extension elements for low VHF.

I've been satisfied with my RCA 3037R so far. Longer boom helps with pick up of a few lower powered stations over L.A., 35 miles away, that are of interest to me. Signal strength for these is marginal but watchable. A bit more gain overall than the 751/HD7000. I would recommend it if you don't need to reach out beyond 65 miles, according to the owners manual.

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