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Luckily for us, we are only interested in the few stations that have translators SW of Tucson. They are located around 187 and 207 degrees from us. We were able to return the Clearstream 2Max and are looking for recommendations for an antenna (or multiple) that can pick up the VHF LO, UHF and VHF HI signals from the SW.
We have been planning to mount the antenna on the roof; it’s just a matter of motivation to get up there when the temp is around 100. So we think that we can possibly get a clear path to the translators.
As far as shortening the coax cable; we could install the antenna on the north side, run the line from the antenna down, along the roof eave and through the wall at an exterior outlet. By doing this, the coax cable can be less than 50 feet. But could the roof line itself deflect the signal? Moving south towards the towers increases the coax cable length.

If I understand correctly, you can mount the antenna on the north side of your home
and reduce the cable run to less than 50 feet??? Would the "peak" of the roof be
higher than the antenna??? How long would the mast have to be to be above the "peak." How far away are the trees at 187 and 207 degrees???
You can order a Channel Master CM 3018 antenna from either
Lowe's or Home Depot and have it delivered to a store near you for about $80.00 That antenna would
cover KVOA NBC 4 on Rf 4, KOLD CBS 13 on Rf 13, KGUN 9 ABC on Rf 16 and KUAS PBS 6 on Rf 28.
Hope this is clear to you......

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