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Welcome to TV Fool, New to Tucson!

Northwest areas from Tucson have always been a reception
problem. Some but not all stations have translators to "fill in"
those areas not served by transmitters atop Mt. Bigelow.
Fox 11, KMSB moved their transmitter from near Green Valley
to Mt. Bigelow and in so doing, switched from one set of problems
for another, since they do not have a translator for NW Tucson.
It would seem you have two issues: Long cable runs due to
tall trees blocking your signals. Is there any way to shorten the
RG6 cable and still avoid the trees???? If not, then an amplifier
is the only alternative. A rooftop mount is the only solution
unless there is a "hole" where the antenna can see all the stations
you want to receive, which is highly unlikely. I would not give
up on your Clearstream antenna just yet. If you can return it,
I would advise doing so. Since KVOA NBC 4 still uses low band
VHF, you'll need an antenna capable of low band VHF reception.
I believe Channel Master still has some antennas that would
work well in your situation. I'm certain you'll get other responses
to help you along to better reception. I'm still half asleep in
Prescott, AZ.
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