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Originally Posted by Nascarken View Post
For the price of that antenna and no amp
I still say king Jack IT'S hi&low band VHF/UHF 32 dbg with a billtin SIGNAL
Finder up to 70miles cost $80 to $95dollars free shipping
And it's is so much better looking then the C2v,
And will out perform and out last it I have been
Looking at one of the C2V that someone put on
There house 2years ago and IT'S not looking
Too good,lol in Springfield Massachusetts
Sorry Ribbit too tock bad about antennas Direct
But it is true.but they do make one he'll of ANTENNA
And that is the 91xg that are At the top of my 150ft tower!!
With my 1500miles of RECEIVE North Carolina and South Carolina
And so on and wifey says it's cool to see OTHER state's news&
Tv broadcasting channel's far away!!
Thanks everyone for the replies. You are correct, I'm in AZ, just east of Falcon Field. If I did the King Jack antenna, is it still fine to mount it in the attic? Basically, whatever antenna I get, I want to mount it in the attic. What do you think is the best for that?
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