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Yes she meant higher than the roof itself.
Thank you.
Are you talking about using the 5 or 10 foot mast?
10 ft, thinking that it could be supported by the railing at the NW corner of the deck, but only after you make a test to see if that would really work.

The 10 ft mast is needed there for the greater height for the signals and so that the antenna would be above the head of anyone on the deck for safety.
(and also figured other houses or objects would prevent the C2V from having an unobstructed view from there).
What houses or objects are you aware of? I see some in the satellite view, but they don't look too serious. A test setup would tell you if there were a problem. I think you are worrying too soon.

In the photo above Kevin is using a WG 7697P. If you want to read more about his tree problem:

It is true that the eave mount gives you the highest point. If the C2V there works well, your problem is solved. If the C2V works well only for the UHF signals, but there is still a problem with 10.1, then you will need to put a UHF/VHF-hi combo antenna, like the Winegard HD7694P, there.

If your test there doesn't work because of obstructions, then your only alternatives would be a tripod on the upper roof or a tower in the back yard. Both of them would be difficult to do.

If you then reach the point where you have no more options to improve the signals from the NE for the Roamio, then you are left with Plan B. That plan would be to demote the Roamio to a secondary role for recording only. The antenna coax downlead from the AC7 would be connected to a 4-way splitter that would feed the three TV tuners and the Roamio.
I had seen that over at AVS and thought about connecting via Ethernet to get the update. I haven't yet. One of the primary reasons I switched to the Tivo is because of a whole home setup which Channel Master doesn't have right now (but keep saying in January they are going to reveal something). The Tivo route for a DVR setup also seems to simplify my antenna setup a bit as I am only sending signals to 1 TV. I think it would start to get complicated to send signals to 3 TV's which each had a DVR+ connected to them (accounting for 6 tuners to drive). I would probably have to add an amp somewhere if I did that don't you think?
I think you know a lot more about DVRs than I do.

Have to leave now; more later.
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