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Originally Posted by GroundUrMast View Post
You've demonstrated the resilient nature of the forward error correction incorporated into the ATSC standard. Unlike analog NTSC signals that will have noise (snow) and multipath (ghosting effects) show in the display as the result of poor signal quality at the receive location, if you receive enough raw data so the receiver can recover the underlying data stream error free, the ATSC signal will display perfectly.
Sure, BUT... in addition to the channel 22 NTSC a couple of miles away, and WNLO about 70 miles away, there's the CN tower about 35 miles away. This broadcasts dozens of high power signals, mostly ATSC.

So the strange part is why can I get a perfectly good ATSC on channel 33 from 70 miles away, but nothing whatsoever from a bunch of powerful channels half that distance?

It seems the system is either *astonishing* directional, or *astonishingly* tuned to specific frequencies. Neither seems terribly likely!

Or perhaps the tuner skipped channels... I'll check that tonight.

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