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I'n not sure why John is suggesting the all-channel antenna.
Seems to be a pattern with that recommendation regardless of the intent of the requester. The only thing on low-VHF in the Los Angeles area is a Spanish language Franken-FM on channel 6. You can listen to it on any FM receiver in the area.

very likely reflections that add up in the wrong way for KCBS's frequency.
Bingo! The current location is in a spot where multi-path is clobbering that one frequency. The solution is always one of the following: 1) Relocate the antenna to a different spot and try again or 2) Select a narrower beamwidth antenna and see if it nulls the offending reflection. Advanced users might try combining another antenna to create a steerable null, but we don't offer such assistance in setting up such a project. Ken Nist's HDTVprimer site offers some examples.

The DB4 is classified as "multi-directional" because it has a modestly wide beamwidth which usually allows for a less than accurate aim to work or which may allow adequate reception from towers that are spaced out rather than from a single direction as is the case with Mt Wilson.

PS. I get this situation at least once a week from callers or emailers. The above advice has been correct in every case for which feedback has been provided.
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