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trying again to get ch 31 real 25.1 virtual (fox)

back in 2016 I tried unsuccessfully to cut the cord.. My only hold back is that I watch fox 25 (boston) news and was not able to get even a whisper of a signal.
I have an RCA ant3036X antenna. Aimed 161 deg mag.
I am now looking to use #1 a Kosmic Super Quad tuned to ch 31? #2 a Super Stealth Hawk? or #3 a Gray- Hoverman7?

Using the current ant I get more than enough other channels to view, my main concern is real ch 31 fox 25.1. Ch 9&11 come in perfect off the side.

Of the three options what would provide the best overall tunability to adjust for max gain at that freq? If this can be tuned to the peak of the waveform either side should still provide adequate gain to pull in the other channels as well.


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