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Like I said ... I need a kite!

Exactly ... like I said, I am in a hole here ... right down in the lowest part of a valley ... the river that runs in the base of the valley is my one property line.

I had a "fancy" home made tuned job till this week ... I don't remember what it was called ... gray-hoverman I think ... reflectors, directors, ... I made in one night just to test ... kept it up for three years, finally started to rot so I dumped it.

It got me 18 channels sitting on the porch (second story of our house).

I have a cheap Windegard FV-30BB just sitting under the TV inside the house upstairs .... I get 18 channels.

I have an RCA ANT751R ... just sitting on the lower floor of the house inside ... 18 channels.

And maybe 18 is all we will ever get. With the Gray-hoverman, I did get more with an amp ... sometimes ... don't know if the amp was flaky or the antenna (this was just a test model made of some thick aluminum wire and a wood frame ... but measured fairly accurately).

WOW ... I had never tried the "rabbit ears" ... super accurate ... I get the first 6 ... good and fair ... not the "poor" ones .. thought I think I did get one of the poor ones and one of the bad ones before my Radio Shack amp died.


PS..... there is no antennas mounted yet ... been building the house for 5 years ... almost done ... just got a new tv, thus time for a more permanent antenna ... I am always surprised that the RV antenna (20 year old amplified directional wineguard) seems to work as well as or better than anything else
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