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Hello, Mike
Originally Posted by xtal_01 View Post
I am putting an antenna in the attic.
That will make your signals weaker.

I want to put a "reasonably" priced amp on the mast.

I am hoping to stay in the $40 range.

Having had great luck with Winegard in my RV I was going to get a LNA-200 ... then I read the horrible reviews.

I can get the RCA TVPRAMP Z1
The LNA-200 isn't that bad. The two RCA TVPRAMP1 preamps that I bought new in sealed boxes were defective; poor quality control.

or the HAMZA 1515HD

That looks interesting, but I have no experience with it.

or the CX-7778

That is the CX777 sold by electorica on eBay. They have changed the model number in the description to make it similar to the Channel Master CM-7778, which it isn't.


Power Source 100-240 V
Power Output: 12 V
Noise Figure ≤ 1.5 dB
Gain: 32 dB (says 30 dB in the image)
Bandwidth: 47-862 MHz

I doubt that the Noise Figure is as low as 1.5 dB. A Gain of 32 dB is too much; very easily overload as Channel Master found out to their dismay with their redesign of the CM-7777 with a single antenna input and a gain of 30 dB.

I am in Vermont ... I get 18 channels ( well really 5 ... stations ) and maybe the is the best I will get.
Please post your TVFool report to give us a idea of you signals.

There are some "fringe" stations from Montreal I would love to get but according to the map / chart / report ... it will be unlikely.

I am really in a hole with mountains all around.
Montreal doesn't sound likely.
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