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Welcome back

Welcome back and thank you for posting results. I am the one who made the comments about those who come looking for help and never post the results. I apologize I was a little too soon on that. Everybody here figured after a week or two you weren't coming back.

Although the C2 Max is a very capable antenna, the C4 Max might have been a better choice or even something larger I hate to say. Adding a reflector to the C2Max would help it. It will make it more directional. You will then be committed only to the signals from the southeast.

As the foliage expands on your tree we will block your signal more, I'm sure of that. some of the larger 4 Bay and 8 bay antennas supposedly work better through the trees. We'll see what the consensus is.

The others will come here I hope, to help you with your reception issue. what is the reasons for me to post is possibly to get you to take a picture of your setup and post it here. you can easily upload photos for getting them to show in the post is another story but at least we can follow the link to your picture.

iI the meantime, maybe you can access your signal meter on your TV? maybe take your DVR out of the loop for the time being until you get good reception?
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