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I am still here. I work A LOT, and have not been able to get to the antenna during day light hours. I thank everyone for their suggestions.

The antenna is placed on the end of the post where the LNB was located to the DirecTV dish. It is located on the roof of a one story. It was facing more south, but since RickBB, stated the towers were SSE, it was turned in that direction.

Before turning the antenna, there were some channels that were working in one room and not another. But, it was very odd, because for example, ABC would come in fine in the living room, and was pixilated in the other room. CBS would be pixilated in the living room, and work fine in the other room.

Turning the antenna SSE brought ABC into both rooms, just fine, but we have completely lost PBS, and CBS, and the CW, among other channels.

I know Adtech, stated trees were normally not an issue, but we had a lot more channels coming in before the trees filled in. Before the trees we were able to get ABC, CBS, PBS, the CW, and Fox, and a few others.

Since my last post, I have added a Tablo device connected to one of the TV's. This probably isn't optimal since we don't yet have good signal. It records some channels, and some there is no signal so it can not record OTA.

The cable wire from the antenna to the connector box is about 25 feet. Then from the connector box to one TV is about 10 feet, 10 feet to a second TV, and about 20 feet to the Table box, where there is also a TV, but I disconnected it, and connected the Table box instead.

I am considering adding an amplifier to see if this helps, before I purchase a larger antenna. I just need to figure out the best amplifier to try.

Don't worry, I am not going anywhere, and I will post responses, I just may not be able to log on as quickly as I would like.

I do thank all of you for your help. Any other suggestions are welcome.
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