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Here is a report from which should have a more accurate list of channels:

I suggest the Winegard HD7694P antenna which has extra VHF-High gain for 13, 11, and 8 that are weaker. A dipole might not be sufficient for those channels; testing would be required. The antenna should be located with the fewest trees in front of it; trees block TV signals. Please look at the link that ADTech posted above:

It's OK to use the Dish coax if it is in good condition, but you should remove any of the other Dish equipment and devices; they might not be suitable for OTA reception.
Originally Posted by GypsyCowgirl View Post
After connecting the three cable wires to the three TV's, I noticed one TV gets more channels than the other two, so I am guessing there may not be an amplifier.
How long are the cable runs?
And since the trees are starting to get their spring bloom on, we are starting to see ABC and CBS are starting to pixilate. But, this doesn't happen all the time, it comes and goes, which seems odd.
That's normal if trees are in the signal path, especially if it's windy or the trees are wet.

There will be some channel changes, as indicated by the arrows, because of UHF Repack by the FCC:

Repack Plan:
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