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Assuming you don't care about the VHF-Low signals [e.g. KTJD (RF-5) and KAHO (RF-4)], there is no need for the big antennas such as 8200 3038, or Advantage 100. The 2MAX mounted outside and pointed with a clear view to the SSE will probably work just fine. My only question-mark would be that it has only a single dipole for VHF-hi, which is your ABC, CBS, and PBS feeds. You said you are already seeing some pixelation on those, so that is a bad sign.

For this reason, you might consider the RCA ANT-751 which will have more VHF-high gain, and probably adequate UHF, given your strong, LOS signals. Go for an outdoor mount, with a clear view (no trees). If you have trees, it is a bit more dicey, and a larger antenna such as the 7694P may be required. You probably don't need a multi-antenna solution such as a 8-bay coupled to a Stellar Labs 30-2476.

So in summary, a small-ish UHF/VHF-hi combo antenna should work. No 8200U and no CM-7777.

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