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I did one final test in this indoor series, which is to compare the GE Attic Antenna with the AD DB2E, using the GE Pro as a source antenna.

Comparison of GE Attic Antenna with Antennas Direct DB2E

Channel   GE Attic   AD 
           34792    DB2E
            dBmV    dBmV

15         -15.4   -11.4
28         -12.2   -11.0
39         -15.4   -12.3

Equipment Used:
GE PRO 29884 source antenna
2 antennas to be compared
Blonder Tongue HAVM-1UA Agile Modulator
20 dB attenuator to reduce HAVM output
Sadelco DisplayMax 800 Signal Level Meter

Test Conditions:
Indoor Test Range; ground floor, carpet over concrete slab
Antennas 10 wavelengths apart
Antennas elevated on Table-Mate tables
Signal Level Meter measuring analog video carrier
The Antennas Direct DB2E wins.
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