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Fascinating classroom lecture today, Professor rabbit73!

I've written down your "experiential fix" of the stripped screw for future use when necessary. Thanks for the tip!

Now I'm beginning to see how the mysteries of antenna theory work in real time from your analysis. Still I'm a bit awe struck, to say the least.

It will be interesting to see Adtech's field testing of GEs latest antennas in comparison to the similar RCA (AKA ANT705Z) that JOEAZ mentioned in his post. IMHO, the plastic used on both these antennas and similar others probably are UV resistant and will give at least a few years of use even in harsh desert environments. But mileage may vary in each individual situation.

I'm guessing that other antennas on the market today which are using built in baluns like this GE 34792 are of similar circuit design. This should be informative for those who end up using them at their locations, or who might have to open the board up in case possible circuitry issues. Your provided information has been very helpful here.

Thanks, as always, Professor rabbit73 for your yeomans efforts! Much appreciated!!
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