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Hi Villa,

Those hills of the bay area, gorgeous to look at, awful for TV reception!

Good call on going on the roof. Staying indoor wasn't going to cut it for you. As to putting that amplified antenna outdoor, no I wouldn't do it. Instead, I'd go purchase and mount something like a Channel Master 4228HD on the roof that is good for all the UHF signals in your area. I suggest that antenna because due to being a 2-edge situation, having an antenna that has a wider capture area of signal versus a traditional directional with less capture area will be helpful with signals bouncing about in edge situations.

The Channel Master 4228HD also supports VHF which you'll need for KGO and KNTV.

You should be able to point it at 341 degrees magnetic and see all the major networks and then some. Of course there are lots of variables. This is just a estimated guess on my part with your TV fool and your report of roof reception.

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