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Originally Posted by bobsgarage View Post

Tripelo, what can you tell us about the "area special" antennas? Did all the manufacturers make them at the time?

Were they custom-ordered by installers? Or were they mass produced for a certain Market and sold in hardware stores or electronic stores?

there's a lot of those on the rooftops. looks like it was a popular at the time. I remember taking what was left of my antenna off the roof before I put on my Radio Shack VU190, it was very similar.

It's fascinating to me what more can you tell us about these "Area special" antennas?
Hey Bob,
I was looking for this too, back when you set me the link, but also couldn't find it.

Those area antennas look like "Cut" antennas for a specific channel. ONTV Ch 44 from the early 80s would be an example. The one w/ the bird perched on it looks like it may be up the street from me.
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