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Originally Posted by tripelo View Post
Yes, second that. Thanks bobs. Interesting antennas.

The lower antenna in the first image appears to be a VHF-only 'Area Special'.
An Area or Regional Special was custom built by a manufacturer to accommodate specific locations.
Situations like where the main signals were coming from different directions.

That particular antenna appears to be designed to receive VHF-Lo and,
VHF-Hi from the left, while simultaneously receiving VHF-Hi from the right
(possibly VHF-Lo as well but not enough detail in image to determine).


Tripelo, what can you tell us about the "area special" antennas? Did all the manufacturers make them at the time?

Were they custom-ordered by installers? Or were they mass produced for a certain Market and sold in hardware stores or electronic stores?

there's a lot of those on the rooftops. looks like it was a popular at the time. I remember taking what was left of my antenna off the roof before I put on my Radio Shack VU190, it was very similar.

It's fascinating to me what more can you tell us about these "Area special" antennas?

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