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Ashok, I am also located in Fremont, CA, and understand the challenge in trying to pull in stations at medium range in opposite angles.

I assume you are targeting channel 1.x for it's ethnic programming, but that particular station is too low power to be stable if you're not pointing directly at it. But when you point to ch 1.1 (SJ) and away from channel 7.x (SF), etc. you lose the weaker channels in that direction for the same reason.

My solution was to double stack common roof top dual band antennas, and to wire them co-phased to pull in stations for both directions at once (SJ & SF).

All theory be damned, I found I didn't have to separate the two antennas by the 'required' 9.12 ft. vertical gap. I double stacked my 2 antennas with a gap of about 3 ft., then cut the coax equal length for both despite their pole placement, and finally joined them with a 75 ohm splitter in reverse, with the single output going to the tv. Results are very good. Channel 1.x pulls a signal strength of about 65~70%, with most other channels in the 80+% range.

There is a very low cost source for refurb/open box antennas in Fremont....I got one of my two antennas there for about 75% off the original MSRP...
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