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Originally Posted by blackstone View Post
I think I put new coax up at that time.
It's probably only a couple years old.
Ok, maybe it's not the coax then.

Originally Posted by blackstone View Post
I would be able to gain another 5' or more and better support the mast and be higher than any part of the house.
This seems like a good idea if you can manage it.
Originally Posted by blackstone View Post
Also, how do I measure the signal? I've seen others use their TIVO but I don't have one. My TV channel feature only gives me strong, good or weak
Check your manual(s). Many TVs have a more quantitative indication. These are often numerical values (rather than words like "strong", "good", or "weak"), but unfortunately the numbers are usually given as unitless so you don't really know what they're actually measuring anyway. Also, these numerical metrics are not generally comparable between brands and sometimes not even between model numbers within a given brand. There are some good ones out there though. One of the best ones I've seen is on my Sony Bravia, which shows the signal-to-noise-ratio in dB. An SNR of 15 dB or greater is typically needed to get picture. If you're thinking of a new TV soon, and want a better indication of signal quality, I recommend this model. (It had one of the best pictures of the displays on the wall at Best Buy as well...)

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