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So, I have/had ONE other problem child channel: WBSF-46 (actually broadcast on RF46) that's only 30KW, and 36 miles away. That channel shares a tower with a BLOW-TORCH channel that broadcasts on RF22 (WNEM), and that runs 1,000KW! All my other UHF channels run fairly high wattage also.

Anyway, WBSF 46 has been driving me insane, as even though it was coming in at around 62 on my Tivo Roamio (72 is the highest OTA signal measurable on a Roamio), the signal and quality would suddenly (frequently) go up and down constantly, and pixelate. This only started once I installed the much higher mast. I adjusted the aim of the HDB91x, even to the point of aiming RIGHT AT the tower! It made no difference. I was about ready to scrap getting this channel, but I wanted it for GRIT.

So, last night I started thinking: "I've re-aimed that antenna about 50 times, and it made no difference, it has to be some sort of multipath, and there MUST be a way to fix this"

I finally (at 3am I was on my roof, lucky for the full moon, don't tell my wife! lol) MOVED the UHF antenna to aim at around 155~ degrees, which points right at a couple of my UHF channels that are very high wattage, instead of 1/2 way in-between. The signal for WBSF-46 locked in, and settled right down!

So, anybody else with this sort of issue, don't give up too quickly. I spent almost a month messing with this off and on (I don't give up easily), before I eventually found a proper antenna pointing NULL point that balanced ALL the UHF stations in my DMA to where they would work right. It is at a position I never tried, as the antenna is now pointing very close to another station that is also almost 1,000KW (and on RF48). But it all works perfectly now, so go figure!

I really wish I had a spectrum analyzer, that would have made short work of this. I am really curious to know just what, exactly was fighting this station, and causing the multipath for this station.

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