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Well, I just got back off the roof after dropping the antenna yet again. I swapped out the CM7777 preamp, and put back in the Kitztech kt-200 preamp.

Everything works PERFECT again! I have my UHF channels all back, and a few new ones! UHF signal levels are UP at least 10-15 points across the board with the higher antenna. My WJRT-12 VHF signal, is UP 22 points!!!

I still think there's maybe even a few more signal points I could get, once I make sure both antennas are peaked completely. I'm going to rest again for a day or so, and see how things shake out. I also think I have to make a few changes to strengthen up my guy wires. A 21 foot mast pole (chain-link fence top rail) isn't exactly strong enough to survive much wind without those guys.

Thanks, Rabbit! Your help and advice really made a difference to me, and I appreciate ALL the time you put into giving me that help!

I also appreciate ALL the other people here who added their input! Thanks everybody!!!
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