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The "Lake" (and I use the word loosely) is the Tittabawassee (yes, it's an American indian word) river, that's dammed up on one end with a hydroelectric dam that's been there since 1925. The dam is on the left side of your terrain pic. The river drops towards it to build up head-pressure.

Us-10 expressway crosses the lake right there, just after the supposed "peak" you show (it flows right to left). There is an outjutting (into the lake) of land there, with a subdivision of very tightly packed houses. The signal passes over that outjutting, and then is clear over the water again all the way to my subdivision.

There is no peak there that I am aware of, or that can be seen by the naked eye, certainly not to the height of what that terrain profile shows. I can't even imagine what that is showing in this case at all. There's just no chance that there's any sort of high ridge on that side of the expressway that's invisible, so I'm at a total loss here as to why it shows one.
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