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In order to better understand your situation, I looked at some aerial photos of your area and the channel 12 signal has to cross your neighbor's roof and also two other houses. I also did some terrain profiles for the signal path from the CH 12 transmitter to your location. The transmitter is at the left end and your location is at the right.

The color code indicates signal strength.

- White is extremely strong. Beware of signal overload on amps.
- Red-yellow-green are all quite strong. You can expect reasonable coverage with an indoor antenna.
- Cyan is where it's advisable to move the antenna up to the second floor or attic.
- Blue is where it's probably necessary to install a good antenna on the roof.
- Purple is quite weak and you really have to work at it for any chance of reception.

If you look carefully you can see it's starting to turn cyan. The same colors are used for the coverage map.

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