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Originally Posted by No static at all View Post
The 2 antennas seem a bit close & may be interfering with each other.

If in your shoes I would remove the UHF antenna & lower the VHF antenna in 6 inch increments to see if you can find a better sweet spot. Concentrate on finding the best spot for VHF, then add the UHF antenna above or below it depending on where the VHF antenna ends up. Higher is not always better.

Anyone else think this is worth a try?
That's already been tried (lowering). Also, I know the antennas are probably too close, however moving the UHF antenna lower kills it's signal a lot. That UHF antenna also works best BELOW the VHF antenna, and is sitting in it's sweet spot for the coordinate aim of the antenna. It's hard to tell in the photos, but the UHF antenna is also tilted UP about 5 degrees. That gave me more than 5 points jump in signal. That leads me to believe that there's a possible big "signal wave" sitting up above the level of where my antennas are right now. Or at least there is for the UHF antenna.

The VHF antenna loses signal quite badly if it's lowered at all, even a few inches. There is NO "sweet spot" lower on the pole for VHF. It doesn't have a cut or open spot in the trees anywhere towards it's direction.

I'm lucky in that the "V" cut in the tree's towards the left happens to be a sweet spot for the UHF antenna. Even though those tree's have grown higher and started filling that in since others were removed 8 years ago,

The ONLY way to go is UP for VHF.

Or to put it on it's own pole somewhere else, but that's logistically not going to be easy and still stay anywhere on my roof area. Moving it to a tripod at the very end of the porch roof MIGHT work, but even I don't think putting it there would look good. Not to mention I don't want to put holes through my roof for bolts, even with using pitch patches to limit leaks.

I might ultimately just need to settle for what I get, but since I am not quite at the quitting point as of yet (haven't been able to get antennas higher than they are now), I'm not ready to settle as of yet. There's reasons I can't just go out there and "crank it up" and get it over with. Lifting a 10' mast with antennas using my arms is hard enough, lifting a 21' mast with those same antennas is a disaster just waiting. Weather, health, and my 12 hour night-shift schedule at work are fighting me lately. I hope to have it ready to go higher in the next week, now that I thought of the "swivel hinge" idea, and am making that in my garage. That new mast will allow the antennas to go higher by over 10' more.

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