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Thanks for the photos Mike. I appreciate the trouble you went to and have a better understanding of your problem. The trees are so close; I thought they would be further away.

Yes, the antenna uses a Winegard TV-2900 balun right now. I'm aware there are many other choices, but I'm not sure which ones would be better. Baring buying a bunch at random and trying them, I'm still limited at the moment in dropping the mast to try balun after balun. That's very hard on my muscles, as I'm 56 years old and have had neck and back surgery. That bringing the mast down issue will change once I get the swivel hinge made and taller mast installed. Then again, the taller mast might be enough to solve the issue.
Yes, that would be very inconvenient, no matter what your age. You could test balun loss before connecting it to the antenna with an A/B switch to make a rapid comparison with the CH 12 OTA signal. A DIY half-wave coaxial balun would have the lowest loss.

Your photos are quite wide. They make all posts wide on this page. I use 125% to read the text and 75% to look at the photos. Do you have a way to resize a little smaller? I try to limit mine to about 800 pixels wide. If not, I could resize for you.
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