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Originally Posted by rabbit73 View Post
Understood. Then what you are left with is small increments of improvement like modifications of your yagi that I see on DHC and clearing the roof.

Stupid question: could a CH 12 antenna be mounted in a tree?

If your CH 12 yagi uses a balun, would reducing the balun loss help? When I was doing a mod on a 4-bay antenna for CH 15, I tried about 20 different baluns and found the difference between the best and the worst was about 5 dB. They were all ferrite core baluns, but I could have made a half-wave coaxial balun with even lower loss.

Have you tried looking at the green signal lines in a satellite view of your location. I was able to make good suggestions to mulliganman for the location of his C2V so that it would clear his neighbor's roof.
No, the trees aren't large enough to be stable at full height for mounting an antenna, even supposing I had a way to climb up there that didn't cost a fortune. They are tall trees, tight-together, but sway too much up there in the breeze. Even if I managed to do this, there's more trees on the other side of my neighbors lot... Our lots are 250ft wide. I'd also need at least 300' of coax for this option.

Yes, the antenna uses a Winegard TV-2900 balun right now. I'm aware there are many other choices, but I'm not sure which ones would be better. Baring buying a bunch at random and trying them, I'm still limited at the moment in dropping the mast to try balun after balun. That's very hard on my muscles, as I'm 56 years old and have had neck and back surgery. That bringing the mast down issue will change once I get the swivel hinge made and taller mast installed. Then again, the taller mast might be enough to solve the issue.

Yes, I have extensively viewed my property via satellite views to clear trees for my satellite-arc on my FTA dishes. I would have to move my antenna mast about 50' out into the middle of my front yard, and then it would have to be free-standing.

Ok, I'm going to try to post some photos, but it's later here and they might be a bit dark. Let me WARN you now, after seeing these, you may wonder just HOW the heck I'm able to get any OTA as well as I do now... Well, we are in the home-stretch of me tweaking everything over about two months now, off and on...

The VHF antenna points at 160 degrees magnetic. The 3rd photo is a back view of the antennas, and shows a bearing of directly what it's looking at. That photo also shows an open area ("V") of cleared tree branches that my UHF antenna aims through. That was opened up years ago for satellite.

The HDB91x points at about 145 degrees magnetic, which is weighted towards my weaker UHF channels, and slightly away from WNEM 5 (22uhf), and which is by far the strongest station.

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