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Originally Posted by rabbit73 View Post
Which 7777 do you have, the old one with separate inputs for VHF and UHF, or the new 7777 with one antenna input?

Are you talking about signal strength or SNR on the TiVo?

First it was the trees, and now a house?
The trees are 85-90ft tall. I know this for a fact, as I dropped some of them (to clear satellite arc) a few years ago, and measured them once they were on the ground. That way I knew what I'd deal with on all the rest that are left. There's NO WAY I can get my antennas above them. I will not go to the expense and trouble of installing a tower or mast that tall. My wife lets me get away with murder (I also have multiple KU and C-band sat dishes, as I am an FTA person, and post at SatelliteGuys) but she'd never allow a 100ft tower.

I have the NEW CM7777, with a single VHF/UHF input.

Yes, I mean SNR on the Tivo. As luck would have it, I was in such a hurry to swap my CM7777 back in, this time I totally forgot to write down the LG tv's signal and quality numbers just before. They've always been about 5% higher than the Tivo.

Yep, the house next to me has a HIP roof, and I was trying to eye-ball the height of it's peak compared to the height of my VHF antenna. That's not easy to do, due to the thickness of the trees right now. But I am now convinced that the house is at least a couple feet taller at the peak (than my antenna). The antenna actually aims at a bearing that's in front of the peak, but I still think the roof height might be problematical.

The taller mast I will be installing will definitely clear his roof.

I'll bet those Tin Lee pre-amps are real pricy? I sent them and email two weeks ago, and still haven't received any reply at all.

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