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I was going to ask how wide does a unidirectional antenna can cover, but I guess it depends on the antenna, right?.
Yagis and 8-bays typically have a -3dB beamwidth of between 15 and 45 degrees depending on the design. 4-Bays typically are between 40 and 60 degrees beamwidth. Beamwidth is a function of the directivity of the antenna, that is, how directional it is. A narrower beamwidth would tend to be the highest gain and would usually be best for either fringe signals or environments where multi-path must be controlled, ie, mountainous areas where reflected signals are a greater problem.

If I put a reflective board behind each antenna, will it help to block behind the board signal?
Yes. However, it might be necessary to play with the distance between the barrier and the antenna's elements to prevent unintended reflections from interfering with the reception of the desired signal(s).
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