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Reception Analysis

I'm 99% sure I will be putting this in the attic. I know that this isn't the best place for it, but I really need to keep the cost down. There is no way I'm going up on my roof to install it (2 story with a very steep slope - I'll leave it to the professionals). So for now, the attic will have to do.

I tried a Mohu leaf on top of the TV and I got every channel but real 12. I kind of expected this because I read that the Mohu doesn't pick up VHF very well.

My next attempt was a Terk HDTVI in the attic. A co-worker had one he didn't need. I set this up with and without a signal amp and the reception was worse than the Leaf.

The roof is plywood with asphalt shingles.

I have coax running from the attic down to the basement. From there, I have coax running to a number of rooms throughout the house. For now, I will only have one TV connected, but may add another TV or two in the future. The total length of the coax is approximately 50 - 75 feet with a connector in the basement to connect the attic line to the family room line.

I'm mainly concerned with the major channels. Everything with a signal strength of real channel 12 and above would be nice. If I can get other channels, that would be a bonus. I don't care about channels in other markets - the channels at 32 would be fine.

Hoping someone can provide a recommendation for an antenna that would fit the above situation.

Any help would be appreciated!

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