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Originally Posted by GroundUrMast View Post
The difference in UHF gain won't be too great, a few dB. But you need every last bit of real antenna gain available to have any realistic hope of seeing the Canadian DTV signals.
There was another site that posted Radio Shack VU antenna gains, and even for the biggest one, like VU-190, it shows UHF gain of just about 10 dB.

I know I'll need more to get those BC stations....

How about this Winegard HD-9032 antenna, the URL shows it has good low-UHF gain at almost 14.9 for channel 14?! that's incredible... is this credible stats for this antenna? And channel 32 at 16.3 db gain?

14 CH
32 CH
50 CH
dB gain over reference dipole
14.9 16.3 15.7 11.5
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