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Somehow your post didnt make it thru:

Here is the message that has just been posted:
I have LOS to the transmitters on Mt. Constitution. Per TV Fool, KVOS NM=40.1 dB, KBCB NM=33.0 dB and K24IC NM=22.3 dB. KVOS and KBCB are strong enough to be received through tha back of CM3016.

The best Canadian DTV signal here is CHAN with a NM of -14.5 dB via a 2-edge path.

Anyways, who you have that much signal for K24IC 22.3 dB, when its wattage is like so small? And your signal for KVOS is so high at 40.1 db (mine is 10 dB?).. I guess that LOS really makes a difference instead of my 2EDGE.
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