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Originally Posted by JoeAZ View Post
"NEXT GEN" television is being tested here in Arizona.
KFPH Flagstaff and it's Phoenix translator are hosting
the testing. I've had the opportunity to see it and while
their are some advantages, there are also disadvantages.
As for antenna redesign, that is unlikely because of space
limitations on store shelves.
I think that as the UHF Spectrum gets smaller the antennas will get smaller also, which is good news for the manufacturers. Especially Antennas Direct who wants their antennas to fit on a store shelf. I'm amazed at the small size of the 91XG box.

Personally I think the marketing people ruin everything. They decide what everybody should have. I've dealt directly with some Automotive tool companies. They started taking features out of the tools because they said nobody was using them.. Yes, they decided that the tools had to be dumber than the mechanics using them. In a way they were right but the really well trained mechanics started using different tools. I can't elaborate on it any more than that. I just notice the marketing departments tend to run the show. The engineers know better but the marketing people decide what hits the streets. It's very sad.

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