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The Free Vision, FV-HD30 is designed to receive strong local signals starting with real channel 7, up to the top of the UHF range. You can mount it in the weather. It's small enough to mount indoors or on a wall.

Expect performance similar to a set of rabbit ears, very modest gain, roughly the same as a reference dipole antenna which by definition would be rated at 0 dBd.

This antenna will not be very directional. Though it will be more sensitive to the front and rear than to the sides.

The HD7015 is designed to receive all channels. It is primarily intended for outdoor mounting and like any other antenna, will perform best if it's given a clear and unobstructed view.

This is a mid-sized directional antenna with gain from 2.5 dBd @ CH-6 to 9.9 dBd at CH-32. It is most sensitive toward the front and receives very little from the sides and rear.

Of these two antennas, the HD7015 is better suited to your location, particularly because you have WPVI on real channel 6 and if you mount in the attic, some gain and directivity will help overcome some of the building penetration loss.

@echesh, Because your last question (in post #18 of this thread) is both a generic antenna question and a 'Help With Reception' question, I've taken the liberty to merge it with this original thread. I'll also create a thread in the Antennas forum for each of the antennas you're asking about. You did nothing wrong by posting in the Antennas forum... but hopefully I've optimized the organization of the forums a bit.

I'd like to encourage the other regular contributors to add to the Antennas forum in similar way.
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