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Thank you!

Okay, so I think I have decided on doing an attic mount, which means I can do it myself (hopefully). I will be connecting four televisions (two used often and two only occasionaly. I have a fifth in the basement that is rarely used, but have a set of rabbit ears that I currently use with it that will do just fine). I will edit this post to include makes and models tonight in case I may need additonal tuners.

So, to recap, could you tell me what my best bet antenna is for an attic mount installation in particular location, the Winegard HD7015/HD7082P or the Antennacraft HD1200/HD1800? (The Winegard seems to be quite a bit cheaper, I noticed.) Would you recommend installation on the ceiling, wall, or floor of the attic (please let me know if I should be asking this question in a separate forum) for best reception?

I will obviously need a four way splitter, and it looks like the Ideal brand is my best bet based on your replies. Still unsure exactly how I get the cables from the attic to the basement (since there were never any cables up there to begin with), but I am sure I will figure it out.

For the installation in the attic would you still recommend the Ronard mounts? Is there one in particular for the specific antenna you recommend above? Anything else I would need for installation that I have not mentioned?

Is there any difference where I aim the antenna for the particular one you recommend? I notice both 30 and 48 degrees in the previous posts.

Thanks in advance for your help!
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