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Originally Posted by echesh View Post
Hmm, okay, so where the signal for the internet comes into the house, it should be connected to the modem & phone modem only with no splitter or anything, is that what you mean?

I can certainly list the tvs, but not off hand. I will have to wait until I get home. I know for sure one is a Toshiba Regza (but that one's connected to a tivo), but the rest I'm not sure of.
If you have two devises, an internet modem and phone modem, I would expect the cable service drop would connect to an existing splitter. Leave the internet and phone modem connected as they are now. Leave the existing splitter where it's at. If you disconnect several cables from the existing cable splitter, to use them for OTA signal, They would connect to a new splitter that is not connected in any way to the cable network.

Unused ports on any splitter should be terminated with terminator caps: Example,

Newer TVs will have digital capable OTA tuners built in.
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