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Okay, it sounds like one of the Winegard antennas is the best bet (you two don't happen to work for Winegard, do you? ). Question is, can I put it on the roof of my two car attached garage (about 20 ft up if I'm guessing), or would the second story interfere too much? Reason being, there is absolutely no way I could access my second story roof (or would want to even attempt), so I'd definitely have to hire a professional, which I'm betting would be pricey. I could install myself in my attic, but not sure if this antenna would work there.

Second question, can I use my existing coax lines (from my old cable and satellite) that already run through my house, or do I need to physically run a line from the antenna to each tv? (My house has a lot of crazy wiring, so pulling wires isn't that bad a job to reach the downstairs tvs since the wiring runs through the basement, but trying to access each upstairs television separately with new cable might be.) Also, my internet will still be provided by the cable company, so um, not sure if that messes anything up with the cables. (Sorry if this is really, really, basic stuff, but I'm pretty clueless unless we're talking rabit ears!)

Alternately, should I just be hiring an professional point blank???
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