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Your symptoms are of either having the antenna signal fed into the wrong connector or that you are only scanning "Cable" settings. All of the reported channels you're receiving transmit on the VHF band. As it happens, cable channels 7-13 happen to coincide with with antenna channels 7-13 and a cable-capable tuner will often recognize only those channels when connected to an antenna and will usually not recognize UHF channels. It's a pretty common situation that we get when customers call in.

1) Verify you hooked the antenna to the "Antenna" input, not the "Cable" input. Your vintage of a Sony was produced during a relatively narrow period (2004-2007 or so) in which Sony provided separate inputs for antenna and for cable connections.

2) Ensure that you are scanning the Antenna input, not the Cable input, when you select the scan function.

Good luck! If you need assistance with the Sony, please contact Sony directly.

At this point, I don't see any evidence that you have an antenna issue. In the event that symptoms change and it looks like yo might have an antenna issue, please call us directly. We have customer/tech support available from 9 AM to 9 PM (Central) weekdays and 10-6 weekends.
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