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55 channels in Loveland, CO

****EDIT: After following the advice of this thread I got 55 channels in Loveland CO. I am getting channels from both Cheyenne and Denver. Thanks for the quick response guys.****

After reading about a couple of people getting up to 50 channels in northern Colorado I picked up a DB8 antenna from Antenna Direct. It is mounted to my roof about 20-25 feet above the ground, has a run of about 40 feet of RG6 quad shield that goes directly to a Sony KDF-E42A10 television.

Here is my TVFool report:

All I want out of this setup is ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX. When I do do a channel search through the built in tuner in the TV it says it finds 19 analog stations and 11 digital. I get 11 digital stations but all of the analog stations are just static. Here is what I do get:

7.1 - KMGH (ABC)
7.2 - Azteca
7.3 - Cool TV
7.4 - 24/7 news and weather (ABC affiliate)
9.1 - KUSA (NBC)
9.2 - 24/7 news and weather (NBC Affiliate)
12.1 - KBDI (PBS)
12.2 - KBDI+ (PBS)
12.3 - KBDI (world news)
33.1 - KQCK (VasalloVision)
33.2 - KQCK (ValloVision)

Like I said none of the analog stations come in although the TV stops at them only to display static.

Since my goal is to get the 4 major networks what might I do to add CBS and Fox? I don't understand why they don't come in because the tower is in the same place as ABC/NBC and the DB doesn't seem that different.

Any help?

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