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Here's my 2 cents:

>> Indoor antennas are victim to a lot of multipath (signals bouncing around the room), interference, and random events (e.g., people walking around). Your signal breakup is most likely due to the sub-ideal environment that the antenna is in. Adding an amp will not help in this situation.

>> You have nice strong signals from most of the major networks. Depending on exactly which channels matter to you, I think you can do pretty well with a slightly better antenna mounted in the attic or on the roof. Any of the 2-bay bowtie antennas like the Channel Master 4220HD or similar antennas ought to do well.

>> If you're really into getting something for (almost) nothing and don't mind spending some time building something yourself, there are some DIY antenna designs out there that would probably also fit the bill. This might be best suited to an attic installation since DIY antennas tend to be less weather-resistant than commercial antennas.
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