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Originally Posted by xtal_01 View Post
There are some "fringe" stations from Montreal I would love to get but according to the map / chart / report ... it will be unlikely.
How badly do you want those "fringe" stations from Canada? They will most likely take extreme measures to receive at your location. Such as an powerful antenna on a 70-foot tower, high quality mast-mounted pre-amp, etc.

Originally Posted by xtal_01 View Post
I am in Vermont ... I get 18 channels ( well really 5 ... stations ) and maybe the is the best I will get.

As others have said, most OTA-ers would kill for a location as good as yours. It is the best TVFool report I have seen in a long LONG time. You have line-of-sight to all the major networks (ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, CW (sub-channel on WPTZ-NBC) and PBS. Count yourself as one of the lucky ones. A pre-amp will not help you receive any additional channels.

If I were you, I would put the RCA ANT751R on a gable end mount outside, pointed to Mount Mansfield and call it a huge victory. With that antenna, you could likely distribute to any-and-all TVs in the house. No need for a distribution amp or anything.

Heck, with signals as strong as yours, you might even get full-network reception at each TV with a paperclip on the end of a short coax lead.

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