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RoofTop Antenna, Close Tower, Good Signal, Lousy Reception On only 1 Channel

I am confused. Looking for thoughts and advice. I have a Clearstream 2V Antenna mounted on the roof, approx 30' up. Antenna is about 5-6 years old. Clear line of reception. TV transmitter stations are only 7.4 miles away. ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox all have their transmitters is this same place, same compass direction, same distance. I get nearly identical signal strength numbers from all 4 stations. Initially, I got all 4 stations crystal clear for several years. Last year or so, I get lots of pixelation on the NBC (5.1) channel only and mainly on 1 tv only. Lately, I have been getting some pixelation on a 2nd channel. Have 100' cable running from roof, into attic, down a chase, into the crawl space, then into one main splitter, then to two more splitters. I am thinking of doing the following: check all connections and disconnect/reconnect. Replace one or more splitters. Eliminate extra splitters and cable where possible. Replace cable one at a time. Last step is to replace antenna. Why does only one station have pixelation and not the others. Thoughts? TIA.
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