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Distance Between Antennas

Um, you keep mentioning real channel 8, but I don't remember you giving a callsign for it. Is it KFLA-LD?

Does this look anything like your report?
I was just thinking about this rabbit and realized I probably should have included real channel 8 callsign, KFLA-LD. Thanks for reminding me!

And yes, that is my TV Fool report. I was looking at KFLA-LD real channel 8 at RabbitEars with the Longley-Rice map. It showed me again what I remembered about the reception in my area. Indeed, the "hot spot" is over LA and weakens as it permeates my area. So, my RCA 3037 confirmed the Longley-Rice map, or visa-versa. I probably would need an even larger antenna boom to improve reception. But at my age, what I have on my roof is my limit! LOL!

However, if you have any more suggestions, I'm all ears.....
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