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Originally Posted by OTAFN View Post
But on VHF the 40" has the edge and can "see" real channel 8, just over the "digital cliff," 16-17dB SNR. The Winegard does not pick up channel 8 at all. So, the RCA probably has more gain given its larger boom, especially for weak channels like 8.
Originally Posted by OTAFAN View Post
I think rabbit73 hit it on the nail in above quote, though. Before I put up my Winegard 7000, I pointed my RCA 3037 a bit left and right of the recommended 346 degree magnitude for optimal reception at my location 35 miles south of Mt. Wilson. I found that when I pointed it towards LA proper, I could increase the signal strength on my living room 40" Samsung to around 19dB SNR from the current 16-17dB SNR. But I lost a few dBs from MeTV KAZA 54-1 (virtual) real channel 22. And since I watch a lot more of MeTV than channel 8's lineup, I deferred to approximately 346 magnitude. Also, it's common knowledge here in SOCAL LA/OC that channel 8 is a weak and "choppy" station, although there are a few viewers who seem to get fairly good reception. I spoke with the owner of channel 8 several years ago by email about said issues, and he said he was "hemmed in" by the FCC with low power so as not to interfere with border stations. I have little knowledge about what it takes to run a TV station, but my take on it was that it probably came down to economics and a business decision. After all, he is the owner. But for us viewers in TV Land, channel 8 viewing is problematic.
Um, you keep mentioning real channel 8, but I don't remember you giving a callsign for it. Is it KFLA-LD?

Does this look anything like your report?

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