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normally it is suggested a minimum of 1 meter between antennas
reasoning being that the reflectors off of one antenna can obscure that of the other

your smaller antenna is tucked under the larger one and the dipoles on the top one could act as a reflector or in this case a deflector and not allow signal to get to the bottom antenna

It would depend on the frequency of the wave of the station and 14 real and over it would probably not be as much of an issue but low vhf it might be an issue

when building an antenna the distance of the reflector to the dipole can be critical in inches especially on bay type antennas that use a rear reflector to both improve reception from the front and reduce interference from behind

but why didn't you just use a splitter or a distribution amplifier?
weak signal might not be good with a splitter to feed 2 tvs but you could use a distribution amp .. even an 8 port that is very weak would just pass signal without much power boost if your signals are very high on some stations.. a 4 port could actually give you a decent boost in strength to get channels that are marginal.

anyway .. good that you got it working but if you have signals from other directions you might want to turn one of them and then bind them and feed both tvs to get more stations.

I have two 110 inch RCA antennas .. both have CM7777 amps.. they come to a 2 port splitter that is bidirectional and power passing both ways on all ports.. and that goes to a 8port distribution amp in my basement where I pass it across the basement ceiling up into the outlets and coax to each tv ... this gets me stations from two different markets because I am in a fringe location 60+ miles out.. I actually have more markets I could grab from but.. too much effort for too little payback...

I won't be playing with my setup until the end of august when philly changes its broadcast stations for the repack.. just not worth it .. at that point i will have a couple years until the last of the stations move and I will have to see what fun cochannels I get from this.

Good Luck
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